Greater Dufferin Chamber of Commerce Award


Here's a few things our customers are saying about The Outside Guy. The customer relationship is one of the most important things to our business. We treat each customer personally and with a level of respect that's paramount to creating and maintaining a lifetime business relationship.


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"It's a pleasure to provide a testimonial for your business and quality of workmanship. It truly is of great comfort to know if and when I need your services that you will be there for me.
Your basic services as my Outside Guy included yard maintenance, snow removal, spring & fall cleanup, lawn maintenance, eavestrough cleaning, window cleaning, and concrete pouring etc. I've learned that this was only the beginning of the services that you can provide for a client.


You can do almost everything I need and if you cannot do it yourself, you always have contacts for people that can help.

In the next year you will be redoing my huge deck with the help of your professional contacts and in the future my concrete walkways will also be designed by The Outside Guy.

You have proven to be a hard worker, fair and pleasant to deal with coupled with fair prices for your work.

I am proud to refer you to all my friends and new clients. They will be pleased to find a company that truly puts the client first.


All the best to The Outside Guy (Martin & Kelly)



Jim McLennan"




"Dear Martin,


I want to thank you for the exceptional service your company has provided to us over the past three years and to help you grow your business.

Successful companies hire the right people, who know what to do, how to do it, understand why it is important to do it, and to have passion and enthusiasm to do what is necessary, exceptionally well, without compromise and to high degrees of quality. You and your team illustrate this regularly.


I am extremely grateful for the emergency 'outside' service you provided, during extreme winter weather conditions, in helping resolve water supply issues to my mother's residence. You repaired the problem quickly and you personally went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the residence was temporarily supplied with water to carry out life's necessary fundamentals: cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc. There is a picture of you in the dictionary under 'exceptional customer service'!


The regular snow cleaning services are always timely and thorough, making commuting safe. The periodic property maintenance services you and your team have provided have always been performed well, first time through, with no repeat visits; an example of quality service.


Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial or as a letter of recommendation. I will be happy to dicuss the good work you do for us with anyone who would like to speak with me.


Yours truly,


Emmanouel (Mike) Kopoulos"